Rethinking the speculum to reclaim women’s health as our own. Women and QTPOC owned. Co-founders: Audrey Wu + Alison Greenberg. LA/NYC.

“Hardware is hard.”

That’s what investors, industrial designers, and OB/GYNs told us while in R&D to build a better speculum. They were right.

But they failed to mention how much easier it got with the right allies on our side.

So, what’s a speculum?

Vagina-owners hate this thing. Honestly, nobody likes it.

It’s a reusable metal or single-use plastic device inserted…

Viagra gets millions in government funding a year but women’s health is left in the dark.

Here at Dioptra, we did a thorough analysis on the inequality of funding in Women’s Health. In 2017 alone erectile dysfunction funding was $730M.

Total funding in women’s health since 2008 has been $700M.

In 2009, the US government closed 900 women’s health clinic and only 4% of funding for healthcare R&D is invested in women’s health globally.

It’s time to change the balance.

#femtech #womenshealth #femalehealth #womenshealthmatters

You wouldn’t want to be stuck at home without it, would you?

While we follow Shelter-in-Place orders across America and the world, watching this second surge, we deal with the twin tilts of pandemic: normalcy terrifyingly on hold, and normalcy paused, making way for opportunities.

One under-represented fact of normalcy…


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